Installation systems

For both a new built or a renovation, the CAREA products can be installed according to two systems.

Cladding with subframe (CWS)

Wall cladding with subframe (CWS) is an external thermal insulation system (E.T.I.) consisting of facing panels attached to a subframe, in turn firmly attached to the supporting wall. Additional insulation is installed between the carcass and the cladding skin; this insulation is ventilated by means of an air space in which the air circulates between the insulation and the rear of the tiles.

A ventilated air space of 20 mm minimum is created over the entire height of the cladding between the rear side of the facing panels and the insulation.

Facade facing on a CWS system

In order: cladding with timber subframe (grooved facing), cladding with metal subframe (grooved facing), cladding with metal subframe (interlocking facing)

Find more information on the various types of facing on this page.

Cladding without subframe (CWoS)

The wall cladding systems without subframe (CWoS) are external thermal insulation systems and referred to in the Technical Approvals. The cladding without subframe may also be called, “Clip weatherboarding”.

The CWoS elements are applied directly to the bearing structure (insulated or not) using mechanical fastenings (wall plugs, lugs, insertion into a rail, etc.).

The cladding is installed in one single operation.

The bearing structures are structural steel frame. We have given details of the various substrates on this page.

In the case of an insulated bearing structure, this insulation is new and consists of insulation panels with a minimum fire rating (rating defined in the technical approval documents and variable depending on the nature of the insulation).

CWoS cladding

Cladding without subframe.

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